RSVP At Park

There is no doubt that this restaurant (newly opened at the start of the year) is just about as central as they come: Directly opposite the Paragon taxi stand right in the heart of Orchard. Pity, then, that when we visited at lunchtime during the week it was pretty quiet, with only a couple of other tables occupied. The concept is not novel or new: It’s a semi-buffet menu, meaning you choose your appetizers and desserts from the all-you-can-eat buffet, but order your main course from one of five options. Unfortunately, it seems no one has integrated the dining concept with the furniture, as the very trendy looking spin-around chairs have a heavy base, making them difficult to push back from the table when you want to get in and out. The spread is mainly Western with a limited selection of salads, soups and pastas—but we suggest you focus, instead, on the main course. We chose beef tenderloin and chicken leg, both of which were perfectly cooked and quite delicious. Since much of the buffet is passable, but not notable, this makes a convenient stop if you’re in the area, but it won’t impress you too much.