SaVanh Bistro & Lounge | Review

Good things come in threes; and Indochine’s latest offering on Club Street certainly ups the style ante in the way it cleverly combines a chi chi bar, chill out lounge and a place to chow down some fusion-influenced Indo-Chinese fare together.

With its pink chandeliers, dark wood floors, expertly-placed greenery, red-bricked walls, loungey sofas, koi pond and an awesome three-story waterfall, Savanh is suited for relaxing and lounging after work over cocktails and Asian-inspired tapas. And indeed there was a healthy sprinkling of working professionals taking in the nightclub-like vibe of the place, fawning over the many Buddha heads and heartily sipping away at their drinks when we dropped by.

We were famished, and thus gave the small finger-sized bits and the tapas variations a wide berth, ditto the fusion-styled cheeseburgers and pastas. With the Savanh 49 in tow (the house cocktail consisting of a sweet lychee liqueur and some serious amounts of vodka), we kicked off our meal with two prawn-based dishes—the Saigon pomelo prawn salad  and the chili basil tiger prawns. The former was a light, tangy dish with steamed prawns paired with juicy pomelos—which was alright, but the punch it packed was nowhere near the latter, which was spicy with generously-portioned fresh, succulent tiger prawns—a pure delight.

We also had the gui cuon cua—hefty crab rolls comprising mango, mint leaves, with slices of cucumber and carrot. Give the Laotian mixed larb a miss, though. Featuring bits of chicken with pine nuts, beef and salmon, it did nothing to please the palate.

To round off your meal, we suggest you try the sticky rice mango—which comprises warm coconut milk poured over sticky rice alongside sweet cuts of Indian mango.

We had no complaints about the service, which was attentive, and thoroughly professional and warm.