Seafood Kitchen

We’ve been used to Jumbo or Long Beach for the longest time, especially since having been dragged there as tots by our folks. So, having to go to East Coast to dine at this new kid on the block was a mildly traumatic prospect, to say the least. But hey it’s for the readers, right? We trooped in for lunch on a quiet, rain-swept weekend. And you know what? We shouldn’t have feared jack, because as it turns out, we had a fabtastic meal: The dishes were good, the service rocked and although the desserts were a joke, we left the place cheery and full as a fat girl’s sock. The fried red tilapia ($4 per 100gm) was sensational—covered in a tangy Thai sweet chili sauce, it was crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. Perfect. And the venison on sizzling plate did not let us down either, it was absolutely succulent and cooked in a nice dark sauce. We also recommend the deep fried scallops in yam rings and the well-portioned stewed beancurd with seafood in claypot.