Seafood Paradise

This fancy branch of Seafood Paradise couldn’t be more different from its original, simple restaurant at industrial neighborhood Defu Lane that is famous for its creamy crab.

The signature dish is served at the new restaurant too, but the upscale menu here also includes lots of other premium dishes—at prices that are comparable with other nice Chinese seafood restaurants but far higher, of course, than at the humble Defu Lane restaurant which most Singaporeans are familiar with. The posh setting with a wine cellar and floor-to-ceiling windows that overlook the water is also a far cry from the factories and warehouses of the Defu estate.

We went for the stir fried scallops, venison with ginger and spring onions, crispy noodles with seafood and kailan with garlic. Everything was delicious—except the noodles which were rather plain; and the portions were generous even though we ordered small servings of everything. We had no complaints about the service either—it was efficient, polite and unobtrusive. Singapore Flyer is a new destination though, and we hope it takes off so that restaurants here like Seafood Paradise can fare well.