Seorae Galmaegi

Launching its first outlet in Singapore at Plaza Singapura, Seorae Galmaegi brings its signature Korean galmaegisal, or pork skirt, to meat lovers here. The space here adopts a casual diner vibe with simple wooden furniture, cozy dining booths and quirky Korean street signs plastered around the restaurant. 

The bestseller here is their pork skirt ($25-$35) that comes marinated with Korean spices and grilled using the restaurant’s “circle grilling technique” that comes with sides of spicy dipping sauces. Must try dishes from their pork skirt menu include the Three Musketeers ($25) featuring pork belly cuts marinated in a sweet and spicy sauce, the Dwaeji Galbi($30)—a tangy pork bone-in loin rib and the Pa Bulgogi ($20) that sees tender slices of pork marinated in their signature sauce that gives it a smoky aftertaste. For beef, try the Woosamgyeob ($15) that sees thinly sliced beef belly drizzled over with a fruity sauce or the Seorae Bulgogi ($15) that sees a beef blade grilled in a special Bulgogi topped over with mushroom and onions. If you’re in the mood for stew, try the meat heavy Budae Jjigae ($19) with a mix of beef sausages, chicken spam, beef bacon and fish cakes topped off with ramen and cooked in a spicy Gochujang broth.