Seoul in a Sandwich

East meets West between two slices of bread, at The Seoul Garden Group’s new sandwich kiosk Seoul in a Sandwich. One of two new dining concepts meant to revitalize the brand, Seoul in a Sandwich specializes in gourmet-quality savory and sweet sandwiches that invoke familiar flavors from Korean cuisine.

From its ready menu of creations, try the Bulgogi Cheesesteak ($8.50) with sauteed peppers, oozing with mozzarella cheese; or the Army Stew-wich ($8.50), an innovative marriage of chicken sausage, luncheon meat, topokki slices, kimchi, army stew sauce and Daikon slaw on ciabatta. The resultant sandwich tastes successfully like Korean Army Stew; all that’s missing are the instant noodles.

For a lighter bite, there’s the Kimchi Prawn Cocktail ($7.50) that features a shrimp salad filling atop chopped Asian pears, mayonnaise and kimchi in a tasty focaccia. But our vote for Best Sandwich goes to the Seoul Street Toast ($6.50), meant to emulate the simple street fare found in Seoul—white toast, ham, sliced cheese and an omelette sound simple enough, but make a satisfying, winning combination. An affordable array of coffees (from $2) and tea—like the refreshing Pear Quince Tea ($2.50)—are just what you need to complete your takeaway fusion meal.