Seriously Keto

A one-stop shop along Seah Street for all things ketogenic

Ketogenic products get its own space at this all-encompassing keto hub opened by the keto-friendly online bakery of the same name. Find ready-to-eat bakes, spreads, beverages and even a recipe book that’ll greatly favour those living the keto lifestyle, but also others who are merely giving it a try.

It’s becoming a lot easier to go on a ketogenic diet of consuming high-fat, low-carbohydrate foods, thanks to Seriously Keto’s all-encompassing keto hub which offers a wide variety of keto-compliant eats and more, that are also diabetic-friendly and gluten-free.

Decked out in pastel hues, the store boasts an aesthetically-pleasing space, with walls of shelves stocked with ready-to-eat keto products like snack bars, crisps, fresh pastries and homemade spreads, as well as an observable kitchen that's also shared by its online bakery, found at the back.

For fresh bakes made with premium almond flour instead of regular flour (which makes it low-carb and hence, keto-friendly), choose the Blackout Bun ($9.20 for 2 pieces) from their KetoBun series, which is a fragrant, charcoal-activated, black sesame bun, that can either be a healthy snack or a meal when paired with other high-fat, low-carb items. Or try the (Garlic) Love-Me-Knots ($5.90) from their KetoBread range, for a garlic-flavoured, savoury fluffy pretzel bread that contains less than five grams of carbs.

If you prefer sweets, opt for the Pandan-Monium KetoCup ($5.90), a bright green pandan cupcake with an uber-light frosting to match. Then, quench your thirst with the Thai-tea Fantasy ($6.50), a Thai milk tea beverage that comes with a generous serving of jelly.

And while you’re at the store sweeping keto-friendly items off the shelves, don’t forget to pick up a copy of KetoBun, a recipe book written by Seriously Keto’s founder and passionate keto baker Janti Joso Brasali, offering 14 different but simple recipes that’ll make the keto journey a much easier one.

Venue Details
Address: Seriously Keto , 32 Seah St., Singapore, 188388 Singapore
Phone: 9838-4047
Area: City Hall
Cuisine: Deli / Takeaway / Take Out
Price Range: $
Open since: September, 2019
Opening hours: daily 10:30am-6:30pm
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