Shin Yeh Restaurant

Much like how BreadTalk brought in the Taiwanese Din Tai Fung to local shores, Tung Lok Group has brought in Taiwan’s Shin Yeh.

The interior is huge, quiet and tasteful. Large windows gave a lovely waterfront view. The smartly‑attired wait staff tried hard to please, but fumbled and weren’t very pro‑active—although we took quite a long time deciding what to order, none of the wait staff offered to make recommendations.

The food was a let down. The poached savory duck in bouillon sauce was rather average, and the portion also seemed undersized. The same was repeated with the unspectacular sautéed scallops in black bean sauce—the portion was woefully inadequate; the few scallops that came with it pitifully undersized. The dish was loaded with spring onions and odious‑tasting vegetables to presumably bulk it up, but we were not fooled. The braised squid, clams and vegetables in hot pot  appeared as a soupy stew in a large pot—but all the seafood seemed dried, and, like the scallop dish, the stew was brimming with too many vegetables, and the gravy was slightly thin.

Thankfully, the sweetened almond jelly with peach dessert was nice: Smooth and not too sweet. The staff gave us complimentary glutinous rice balls at the end of our meal though—somewhat softening the disappointment of an unsatisfying meal. Still, we expected more from Tung Lok.