Shiro Japanese Haute Cuisine

Shiro sets out to be a truly fine Japanese dining—there’s a buzzer to gain entry, capacity is extremely limited, you are specifically told when you make your reservation about the dress code (smart casual) and everything is über chic, from the glassware to the cutlery to the oval-shaped bathroom. One can choose to sit at the counter or the few tables in this subdued and cozy establishment, all of which are surrounded by dark walls with chintz curtains and what seems like two staff members to every customer. And how does such a high number of servers fare in such a small space? Well, you can be sure you will be waited on hand and foot. The food is pretty impressive too. The thick slices of fish in the sashimi moriwase and the sushi moriwase were extremely rich, our nasudengaku (eggplant) was deliciously tangy and the nyu-men flat noodles came in a gorgeous clear broth. With a fabulously slick setting, truly great food and servers tripping over themselves to attend to you, you can see why Shiro has a staunch following.