Silk Road Restaurant

Most well known for its acrobatic tea pourer, Silk Road is a stalwart Chinese restaurant serving regional cuisine and specializing in Szechuan.

Chefs work in an open kitchen, pummeling and pulling dough to make fresh noodles and dumplings, which are some of the restaurant’s hottest items. With all this activity, the restaurant remains surprisingly serene, with Zen décor that is almost Japanese, and quiet waitresses that float around in cheongsams.

You cannot come here without tasting their xiao long bao. The broth that bursts into your mouth when you bite is excellent, and the wrappers are deliciously fresh. We also had very good seafood dumplings, tasty duck noodles and lovely stir fried sweet potato leaves.

Our hot and spicy bean curd was authentically Szechuan—with tongue-numbing Szechuans peppercorns. Although portions are modest (for instance, one order of dumplings comes with five to six pieces), they are filling and even a few orders go a long way.

We squeezed in Szechuan pancakes with red bean for dessert, which were light and crispy.

No complaints about the service—the waitresses knew what they were talking about and elegantly dealt with every request we flung at them. Great for lunch or dinner, this restaurant delivers consistently every time.

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