The hype: In a bid to revive Singapore’s age-old cocktail, OG bespoke cocktail bar Maison Ikkoku now offers an all-natural craft cocktail menu showcasing various interpretations of the Singapore Sling, alongside locally-inspired dishes at the establishment’s ground level space.

The vibe: No major revamps have taken place since the change in concept, which is just as well, as Sling continues to showcase Singaporean-inspired artworks, befitting its offerings. Plus, the space is already well-adept for communal heritage dining.

The food: To fully enjoy the Sling experience, order plenty of plates to share.

Begin with the traditional D.I.Y Popiah, available in Vegetarian ($36), Sweet Pork ($39), and Crispy Prawn ($49). Wrap delicate pieces of homemade popiah skin with stewed turnip and carrots, long beans, eggs, and coriander; and top off your roll with spices and sauces. If you’re a novice at popiah-making, fret not, placards are readily available for your easy reference.

For mains, the Nenek Chicken ($28) and Babi Hitam ($39) are worthy choices. The former presents succulent chicken pieces bathed in a fragrant curry of ginger, lemongrass and tumeric; while the latter is a tender and streaky slab of Hokkaido Kurobuta pork that’s sous vide then braised for 72 hours.

The Kampong Sayur ($19) is the green accompaniment you’ll require; find seasonal local vegetables (such as winged beans) stir-fried with anchovies. Pair all the sharing plates with the Nasi Biru ($3), a bowl of Japanese pearl rice, elevated with blue pea flower and lemongrass.

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Those who love hae mee should try Sling’s version. The Hey Mee ($38 half, $48 full), features wok hei Hokkien noodles cooked in Asian rock lobster and lobster broth, stir-fried with homemade pork cracklings and topped with either a full or half baked lobster.

The drinks: This will be your chance to try the restaurant’s number of takes on the quintessential Singapore Sling. For a traditional beverage that pays homage to our heritage, the Original Sling ($26) is your best bet.

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But if you prefer something more fun and fruity, the Coco Sling ($28) is one that sees the addition of roasted coconut and young coconut meringue. It’s even served in a coconut, so you may enjoy the flesh of the fruit when you’re done sipping on the refreshing cocktail.

Why you’ll be back: For a taste of home-cooked meals and drinks that’ll warm both your heart and belly.