The buzz: The short stretch of Boon Tat known for being the home of Italian restaurant No Menu and casual cafes gets a gastronomic upgrade in the form of this produce-driven restaurant.

The vibe: Although we hate the term bistronomy (bistro and gastronomy merged), it is what it is. The space has got counter seats with a frontal view of the kitchen, while normal tables line sides of the narrow space. It’s also pretty laidback for a place pushing out fine dining plates, a welcome respite from the usual stiff tableclothed culture. Plus, they’ve got pretty cool local artwork ranging from paintings to figurine sculptures.

The food: The rebel child of JAAN’s Julien Royer and Ryan Clift’s Tippling Club (and it’s no wonder, as the chefs have had stints at the two restaurants). It’s all about super fresh market produce, whether it’s from Tekka Market or France, plated with scientific precision. The amuse bouche and snacks like a twist on sour cream and onion chips are reminiscent of Tippling Club, while mains are generally well-excecuted and textural. There’s no a la carte menu, but you can opt for three, five and seven course meals ranging from $45 to $118. A five course dinner ($88) includes plates of crunchy kohlrabi in sesame and the impressionable langoustine and mussels with egg yolk ravioli. We only wished the wagyu shortrib pushed more boundaries, although kudos to Chef Teo for smoking the bone marrow morsels for added contrast.

The drinks: It’s all about the wines here. Wine pairings with a five course dinner comes at an additional $65.

Why you’ll be back: There’s a reason why this place is coined as “approachable fine dining”. You get the whole tasting experience with prettily plated dishes without paying upwards of $200–a rarity in Singapore these days. The constant menu changes are exciting enough to warrant a second (or third) trip.