Whether you pronounce it as “Spizz-a” or “S-Pizza,” Spizza has become a bit of a pizza institution in Singapore. It’s known for serving up reliably thin-crusted, tasty pizzas in relaxed and friendly surrounds time and again. We decided it was high time we went back to see how things were faring and were glad to find that not much has changed.

The brick walls, dark interior and wood-fired oven still give the restaurant a rustic and casual feel—somewhere one can feel comfortable enjoying your food in good company. And the food is pretty decent too. Our remo salad of rucola, tomatoes and parmesan was a little light on the cheese, but still fresh and a fitting opening to our simple but flavorsome meal.

Our pizzas arrived piping hot and delicious—there’s a great range of flavors available; all named after girls. We enjoyed the Quinta (black truffle essence and egg), Donna (basically a capriciosa) and the Helena (chicken and pesto, all for regular) and found the three pizzas more than enough to share between three people.

Even better, we didn’t have to wait long, so we were able to pop in and out for lunch well within an hour. For uncomplicated fare in undemanding surrounds that’s usually well above average, Spizza is a good choice.

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