Starbucks (MBS)

Starbucks Reserve store has thrown its doors open at the glitzy Marina Bay Sands shopping stretch, making it the seventh outlet in Singapore. Also, this is the first outlet to introduce the interesting siphon brewing method which brings out the full flavor of the beans, along with other special brewing methods like the Clover brewer, the Chemex and the traditional coffee press and pour-over.

The difference between a normal Starbucks store and a Reserve one is that the latter follows the “third wave” coffee movement just like other hipster cafes, offering unique and rare coffee beans from places like Papua New Guinea. At the MBS store, coffee enthusiasts can get up-close and personal on this method, which has been one of the world’s best ways to brew coffee since the 1830s.

The modernity of this outlet is also reflected on the interiors of the space. It’s decked out in gold and brown touches, peppered with unique art pieces on the wall and boasts a wooden countertop, giving customers truly different coffee experience compared to the usual Starbucks outlets.