The buzz: Famed for their Japanese, technique-driven approach to cocktail craft, the folks from Jigger & Pony follow up with a modern all-American grill and rum bar right next door to their flagship’s Chinatown location.

The vibe: Sure it’s got that whole mandatory industrial thing going on, but it’s apt for the type of stuff they serve. With its stacked wooden crate–like structure that serves as backlit bar shelving, communal tables with high chairs, exposed light fixtures hanging from hemp ropes and an indie meets rock ‘n’ roll playlist, Sugarhall is convivial and cool without trying too hard.

The food: Lots of grill action going on here, with starters like tiger prawns with Szechuan pepper and herb butter ($18) and broken pork sausage with grilled cabbage and bonito butter ($14) all coming out with smoky flavors. Mains like juicy hanger steak with chimichurri ($30), a salt-brined, thick-cut pork chop ($28) and a daily catch whole fish with raspberry dip (market price) are paired with light and versatile sides like grilled aubergines ($12) and fork-crushed potatoes ($10).

The drinks: Categorized into three sections—tropical cocktails, clear spirits and dark spirits—drinks fall are rated on a scale of “hungry” to “full”. For best results, go based on the state of your stomach. The refreshing Bodega Penicillin features Scotch, mescal, ginger syrup and lemon and is recommended for when you’re neither starving nor stuffed, while their fantastic Ron Negroni is an all-rounder and has Plantation Grande Reserve rum, velvet Falernum, Mancino Rosso and Campari. All cocktails are priced at $22.

Why you’ll be back: Aside from the Brooklyn dinner party atmosphere and killer cocktails courtesy of Jigger & Pony-trained bartenders, the prices are surprisingly restrained compared to the competition.

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