Sumire Yakitori House

Since opening in Yutenji, Tokyo back in June 2009, popular yakitori chain Sumire has to date over 60 outlets across Japan. Its Singapore outpost, Sumire Yakitori House opened in 2013. Initially focusing on just grilled skewered chicken parts, the casual izakaya-style restaurant at Bugis Junction has, over the last few years, introduced a range of dishes including sushi rolls and original nabe (hot pot) creations to cater to local diners. Of the latter, the popular Tokusei Tamago Toji which is also a DIY concept dish where diners are free to crack an egg into a half-eaten hot pot of chicken stew and let it sizzle, is a favorite, not only for its Instagram-worthy shots but also for its comforting deliciousness. 

PROMOTION: 01/03 /2017 ~ 30/04 /2017

For this spring, 7 new dishes with premium ingredients Jumbo Hotate Sashimi, Jumbo Hotate Spicy Cream, Wagyu ͞Zabuton͟ Steak, Atsugiri Aging Beef Tongue, Daisen Tori Gyoza Nabe, Hotaru Ika Oki Zuke, Sakura Tofu Cheese Pudding.


Sumire Birthday Party menu includes the signature yakitori items and popular dishes when group diners love to order when they visit Sumire. The most special for this birthday party menu is the sushi cake that our chef specially created and it serves with a candle for the birthday person as the cake. This gorgeous cake is completed by decorating with salmon flower which made by fresh salmon, and premium ingredient of salmon fish roes.