Sushi Kimura

Classic sushi restaurant on Orchard Road specializing in omakase

The minimalistic sushi restaurant by veteran chef Tomoo Kimura specializes in omakase and edomae-style sushi. Omakase sets come with sushi, sashimi and their signature rice bowls. Be surprised by the menu changes because of the use of seasonal ingredients. Complement with the meal with sake pairings.

Located on Singapore's famous shopping district Orchard Road is Sushi Kimura, a minimalistic sushi restaurant specializing in omakase and edomae-style sushi. Like many other Japanese restaurants, they import fresh ingredients directly from the famous Tsukiji Fish Market. The 22-seater establishment resembles a classic sushi house, with textured wood wallpapers and sliding doors at the entrance. Chef and owner Tomoo Kimura is a veteran who studied under a Tokyo sushi master and worked at several other sushi restaurants. It’s clear that the chef also pays special attention to the decor--it's evident by the 150-year-old Hinoki wood sushi counter and noren room dividers along the walkway that were made using his great-grandmother’s kimino.

The omakase menu comes in ranges from $120-$250 for lunch and $280-$390 for dinner. All sets (except the $120 and $180 meal) come with chef’s signature rice bowl, made up of Tsuyahime rice from a family farm in Yamagata, ikura, uni, toro and onsen egg. You may ask, what’s the difference between the sets? You simply get more premium ingredients and food. The $120 lunch set comes with appetizers, chawanmushi, 10 pieces of sushi, maki, a fruit from Japan and dessert. And the most expensive $390 set comes with more things like two cooked dishes, sashimi and uni platter. The chef makes use of seasonal ingredients so just enjoy the surprise when you visit at different time periods. Some of the types of seasonal fish they use are baby snapper (spring), yellowjack (summer), Isaki (autumn) and flounder (winter).

Sake is obviously the best drink to match with the exquisite omakase sets. The restaurant does sake pairings that come in three glasses for $35. They also have an exclusive sake collection with options like Kaiunen Daiginjo ($350) and Hidakami Special Junmai Daigingo ($600).

Venue Details
Address: Sushi Kimura, #01-07 Palais Renaissance, 390 Orchard Rd., Singapore, 238871 Singapore
Phone: 6734-3520
Area: Central, Orchard
Cuisine: Japanese
Price Range: $$$$ - $$$$$
Open since: March, 2017
Opening hours: daily noon-3pm, 6:30-10pm
Nearest trainOrchard
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