Sushi Yoshida

What can we say, this is the best sushi bar we’ve been to in Singapore. Set back from the street and sharing an entrance with a bar, this joint is always teeming with locals and Japanese who come here for the unfailingly fresh sushi. Sushi Yoshida is small and busy and at the same time homey, with the head chef subjecting guests to his favorite CDs and toddling around in wooden clogs pouring sake. An L-shaped counter that seats about a dozen is prime, and when you call to book (you must!) you will be asked whether you want a counter seat (say yes!). Behind the counter sushi chefs chop up the seafood so fresh that it is still flopping around when it hits the chopping board. We suggest that you have an open mind and eat whatever is best that day. We let the chef put together a sushi moriawase for us and he came back with scallops, sweet prawn, tuna belly, octopus and a few other items. We added uni (sea urchin), California maki (made with real crab, not krab stix), deep fried baby sardines (delicious with beer) and clams sautéed in butter. Cold sake is the drink of choice here, with sweet and dry varieties to choose from. The food was so fabulous we were talking about it for days. With reasonable prices, there is little reason not to come here.