The hype: Sushi—a tasteful combination of raw seafood and rice, the perfect date-night dinner option, and now a staple in the Singaporean diet. Here to serve us wallet-friendly, fresh and tasty sushi, gunkan, maki and more is ever-popular Japanese kaiten-zushi (conveyor belt sushi) chain Sushiro, with the opening of its first outlet in Southeast Asia at Singapore’s Tiong Bahru Plaza.

The vibe: Unsurprisingly, Singapore’s inaugural Sushiro outlet completely resembles all its other Japanese sushi chain counterparts, which is exactly what we like about it. It’s a no-frills, yet very comfortable dining space that serves sushi to be taken right off the conveyor belt, restaurant-wide. Or better yet, order from the menu and receive your dishes via your dedicated express lane, just above the communal conveyor belt.

The food: With over 100 sushi varieties to select from, it’ll be necessary to remember to pace things out. And take it from us, you won’t want to hastily grab everything off the belt at once.

, Sushiro

First, try the Premium Salmon with Cheese ($4.80), which features a slice of premium salmon sashimi with a dollop of half-melted cheese that’s draped over a squoval ball of vinegared rice. Then, find some sushi classics like the Tuna ($2.20), Young Yellowtail ($3.20) and Red Seabream ($4.80), all made from fresh seafood imported from Japan. For those avoiding sashimi, get the all-time favourite Fried Shrimp Avocado Roll ($2.20) and other assortment of makis or even a bowl of ramen like the Shoyu Ramen with Egg ($7.80).

It’s also worth noting that the wasabi that you can pick off a bowl from the conveyor belt to add to your sushi are not your ordinary, supermarket-type take-out wasabi sachets, though they’re packaged. The wasabi packets available at Singapore’s Sushiro are specially imported from Sushiro’s own factory, and taste better than the run-off-the-mill ones.

Finally, get a serving of the Mille Crepe ($3.50) to end-off your meal on a sweet note. It’s a quintessential crepe cake but way more cost-effective than most others and incredibly satisfying.

The drinks: Refillable soft drinks are available at $3.50, which allows you to grab tea, coffee and other sodas from the drink machines. For those who enjoy a little tang to refresh the palette, get the Yuzu Juice ($2.50) or even an alcoholic Yuzu Umeshu ($11).

Why you’ll be back: Sushi, gunkan, maki, ramen, and so much more. Not only are Sushiro’s options affordable, but they’re fresh and hit all the right spots too. We’ve called it our go-to sushi joint, and you should too.