Szechuan Court

The restaurant is spacious, with impressive imperial-styled décor. The combination of the view, soothing ambience and the gliding wait staff left us feeling quite relaxed. Once we were seated, a female waitress asked for our last names for reference. She then addressed us as “Ms So-and-So” – a nice touch, we felt. We were given Chinese tea and groundnuts quickly before the food arrived. And arrive quickly it did. We ordered wheat noodles with shredded chicken and bean sprouts in spicy Szechuan peppercorn sauce. This was tasty but extremely spicy (it got abandoned halfway). The savory Szechuan dan dan noodles tossed with minced pork and chili oil was delicious, with thin, slurpy noodles. The har gau and pumpkin dumplings from Szechuan Kitchen (under the same roof) also delivered well. The chilled cream of pomelo, sago and diced mango was refreshing—with bitter pomelo and sweet mango. The staff seemed less attentive later on, but they were still polite, just slightly distracted.

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