Taste Paradise

When we last checked, the website said that Taste restaurant, part of Red, White & Pure spa, serves food and TCM-influenced cuisine brought to you by a Chinese herbalist, nutritionist and chef. So we decided to drop by for a chi-enhancing health fix. When we arrived, the place was relatively quiet. The menu only had four starters, three main courses and a half a dozen exotic teas, but all the dishes were Western fare. We went ahead and ordered the green pea soup and duck breast with cherry, baked apples and broccoli. The soup was palatable and smooth, but the duck was a bit tough and too fatty. A shame, as the condiments were pretty unique. We asked the waitress what happened to the TCM dishes and she told us that they had changed chef and the menu would be Western from now on. The only thing remotely spa-like or Chinese that we got here was the Tibetan Secret, black tea with fruit and spice, which is supposed to revive the spirit. Perhaps they should update their website accordingly.