Since we found out that chef Randy Torres rode into town all the way from Austin, Texas, we’ve been itching to try his food and see if we have ourselves a winner. Located in a two story shophouse along the main drag of Katong, the first floor is part café, part patisserie. We found our way up to the second floor and were pleased to be rewarded with a warm and cozy space, thanks primarily to the generous use of wood-tables, chairs, couches and flooring—with ivory accents scattered around. After finding a quiet corner, we decided on the house tomato soup. This tangy vermilion concoction, served with melted mozzarella and buttered toast, revealed a mild smoky flavor and hints of black pepper, and was a promising start to our meal. Our only gripe was that the consistency ran a little towards the watery end of things. Our pinwheel steak came with a choice of two sides including cheese and macaroni, corn on the cob and fresh garden salad. We went with parmesan broccoli and roasted garlic mashed potatoes, both of which were well executed. Our parmesan-sprinkled greens were still firm yet soft enough for easy chewing, while the mash had a wonderfully smooth texture and tasted of garlic as advertised, without being overwhelming. The slightly tough slices of meat with mozzarella, prosciutto, roasted tomato and spinach left us a little disappointed. Luckily, their chicken saltimbocca pasta was a plate of delight. Spinach tagliatelle barely coated in a light Marsala cream is topped with a piece of grilled chicken, sweet caramelized onions, crisp prosciutto and fried sage that make for a symphony of textures and flavors. Despite the somewhat bumbling service, this is a quaint spot for good, affordable food.