Thirteen Duxton Hill

A foodie couple from Melbourne who were owners of Australian restaurant Lûmé have set up shop on Duxton Hill, where Shen Tan’s Wok & Barrel once resided. Thirteen Duxton Hill, owned by chef John-Paul Fiechtner and sommelier Sally Humble, has adopted an a concept where they’ll be serving a different menu of 13 dishes and drinks every day.

Located in a small shop house tucked away in a quiet corner of the otherwise happening Duxton Hill, TDH is a contemporary bistro which is a cafe by day and a bar by night. The all-day dining bar has a homely and cozy atmosphere with a simple outlook. The menu changes every day and will be prepared according to what chef Fiechtner buys from the market. They offer two menus of experimental dishes: one is an ever-changing breakfast/dinner menu and the other is a selection of thirteen sharing dishes, 10 of which are savory, one is cheesy and the last two are desserts. Each day, the latter menu will be lovingly handwritten on a piece of paper. Although the menu rotates daily, if you’re lucky enough, be sure to try their corn with prawn head and butter ($14), asparagus with pumpkin seeds in miso, bone marrow and flowers ($16) and the black chicken with burdock root and kimchi ($22); all suggestions from the chef himself. Oh, oh be sure to try the croissants ($5) on their breakfast menu; something which their former restaurant was famous for. Drinks wise, they’re keeping it “local” and importing wine and other spirits straight from Australia (prices starting from $10 a glass).