Tin Hill Bistro Winebar

It’s always nice to discover new eating places away from town, but we were rather disappointed with this bistro located near Sixth Avenue. Its executive set lunch, was not very good value for money. It comprised a run‑of‑the‑mill Caesar salad, a main course of spaghetti that came with stale‑tasting chicken, a slice of miserably dry carrot cake and coffee. Our a la carte dishes weren’t that much better. The starter of oven‑baked scallops was nice, but the grilled Angus ribeye steak was inconsistently done—one half was medium rare as requested, but the other half was almost medium in doneness. We also found the recommended wine pairing, Chateau De Birot, slightly bland. To add insult to injury, the service was appalling—not only was it slow, one of the wait staff rudely snatched the menu away from us before we were done with it. The only bright spot was the to‑die‑for sticky date pudding. We hope this bistro will pull up its socks, as we like its glassy, understatedly chic interior and laidback ambiance.