Tomo Japanese Restaurant

The next time you’re in this mall and want to try this restaurant, don’t be put off by its fine dining tag. The a la carte sashimi and sushi here can be pricey (easily shooting way above the $50 mark), but if you go for the affordable set lunches like we did, you’ll get a value-for-money dining experience. We especially liked our sashimi and beef teppanyaki set, which came with sides of salad, soup, fruits and maki. The beef was perfectly grilled while the salmon and swordfish sashimi were also surprisingly fresh (for a set meal). The soft texture of the rice and miso soup were also nice complements. Our other set of char siew ramen scored for its fragrant soy-based soup and tender char siew slices, even though the noodles were pretty ordinary. We ordered the shake chazuke (rice soup with salmon)—and while it was light and appetizing (the wasabi added an extra zing), the serving was rather small. Thankfully, our dessert of green tea ice cream topped with red bean was one of best and richest we’ve had. Come here on a quiet weekday when it’s bustling elsewhere. The comfy chairs and alfresco area get bonus points too from us.