Torisho Taka By Aoki

Les Amis continues its expansion with the brilliant newly opened fine dining yakitori restaurant run by Executive Chef Takao Aoki, brother of Kunio Aoki of Aoki. The interior of the restaurant is minimalist but modern with wooden paneling and funky glass lit panes on the walls and roof creating a subdued interior that contrasts the activity at the grill. As its name indicates, Torisho Taka’s menu specializes in chicken, so at first we thought the menu selection was limited, but upon closer observation we discovered a world of interesting and innovative dishes that blew us away—we really enjoyed trying Aoki’s creations. But this is not for those without yakitori experience–don’t expect sushi and sashimi—it’s all new takes on yakitori items and other light bites that should be consumed with lots of sake. And it’s all superb. Standouts included the foie gras served deliciously grilled with seeded mustard, the hotaru ika (a crazy squid dish that changed flavors, starting off with a citrus tone then becoming very salty), the aigamosmoke wasabi cheese (duck with cheese wasabi on crackers), and the toriwasa (chicken grilled with fresh wasabi). For those who understand the yakitori dining concept, Torisho Taka is a definite must try for its imaginative dishes and a fun dining experience.