Triple Three

One of the big names on the buffet scene, Triple Three recently opened its doors after a major facelift. The result is a dining space that can be described as an expensive-looking cafeteria lounge. Much has been made of its Japanese-inspired lineup and live stations, which count sashimi, pasta, teppanyaki and tempura stations among other things. While it’s a nice enough concept, there’s no escaping the fact that you can find live stations in food courts and hawker centers. Given that you’re paying $72 an adult (before tax), the obvious question is: Is Triple Three worth the money? On paper, yes. It’s hard not to be dazzled by the promise of all-you-can-eat sashimi, teppanyaki and wagyu beef. In reality, however, it’s a bit of a letdown. Overall, there are a couple of nice items here, such as the chawanmushi; steamed codfish with sake; grilled sirloin at the teppanyaki station; and wok-fried rice with crabmeat and soft-shell crab. However, there is also a lot of uninspired fare here; the roast tenderloin is a classic case of bad things happening to good ingredients; it might have been wagyu, still it was tough as hell. As for the pasta station—who hasn’t had aglio olio, carbonara and pomodoro before? The crowning disappointment is its dessert selection, which can be described as ho-hum at best. The fruit selection is a joke—watermelon, papaya, pineapple, dragonfruit and honeydew? Is this the best that a five-star hotel can do? Rounding up the dessert table is the usual bunch of hotel cheesecakes, mousses, flans, nonya kuehs and cookies. Service here, barring the frosty hostess, is actually commendable—the waiters were friendly and obliging, and plates were cleared almost instantly. But you’re not coming for the service alone, are you?