Trust Organic Health

Amid the flurry of Chinese restaurants, seafood joints and cool cafes in the busy Joo Chiat vicinity comes the much welcome alternative Trust Organic Health, a modest three-month-old organic café. Located directly opposite the excellent Chinese Tonny Restaurant (which received a five-star review from us just last week), Trust may not be drawing in the crowds yet (the place was literally empty when we visited midweek), but hopefully organic food lovers will trickle in soon as this is truly one of the best in the city.

We absolutely loved the Ying Yang set ($13.90), which came with a gorgeously prepared turmeric brown rice, a hearty side of mushroom soup, a small sampling of mash pumpkin for taste and sides of fried hijiki tofu and radish with azuki beans (all these dishes are available separately as à la carte, too). The set’s balance of dishes apparently reduces the risk of cancer, but never mind that—this is simply one of the tastiest organic meals we’ve had, dispelling the notion that healthy food is bland. The mushroom soup in particular tasted like something the guys at Prego might churn out—with small bits of mushrooms providing just the right bite to complement its perfectly smooth base. The tofu and radish was also the perfect accompaniment to an already fragrant rice dish—although we suggest topping up the meal with a side vegetable order (like we did with the fried dou miao (pea shoots) with shoyu sauce ($8.90)) for a complete meal.

Alternatively, there are loads of other selections to choose from, including organic tomato spaghetti, fried brown rice vermicelli and signature organic sandwich ($6.90)—the latter which we tried and proudly testify that its combo of organic tofu, tomato and pesto sauce with multi grain organic bread was just right—we could eat this almost every day if we were watching our diet. Ditto the temaki sushi ($5.30)—a cacophony of fresh vegetables wrapped with seaweed and a dash of organic mayonnaise for that extra zing.

What we truly like about Trust is their unpredictably varied menu—essential for the health-conscious, and frankly, everyone else.