The Tuckshop

The buzz: This Geylang newcomer looks like a regular hipster café, but it’s really a beer bar at heart. It’s peppered all over—from the food right down to the advertising collaterals—with clever, nostalgic references that surely only locals will get.

The décor: The vibe’s kitsch and playful; there are even old board games to play with. The gray plastic school desks and chairs here will prompt either a smile or a shudder from those who spent their formative years in Singapore. Outside, vintage wooden and rattan furniture are perfect for alfresco lazing.

The drinks: Craft beer is the main event here, and there are five varieties on tap, all by local brewery Archipelago ($7/glass or $12/pint) plus bottled beers from all over the world (from $10), including the rather unusual jumbo 750ml bottles from Italian brewer Gjulia. You can even have your beer served with ice, kopitiam-style.

The food: Bar grub like cilantro chicken wings ($10), truffle fries ($8) and Cajun fish fingers ($10), plus more locally-inspired bites like curry chicken, roasted pork belly or prawn twisters ($12 each). Beer pairing suggestions on the food menu are a nice touch, too.

The music: Unobtrusive background tunes with an indie slant.

The crowd: East-siders, corporate types who’ve caught on to the buzz and expats who’re down with the whole local hood vibe.

Why you’ll be back:  They’ll be relaunching in late September with more drinks—wines and cocktails, anyone?—and an expanded food menu.

When the weather is good, eating outside can be a truly enjoyable dining experience. These joints with charming open air areas are just the place to dine on breezy evenings.