Two Chefs Eating Place

If the name wasn’t indication enough, we’re obliged to tell you it really is just that: an eating place.

Two Chefs is completely alfresco (aircon, what’s that?), but it is sheltered, so you’re still protected from the elements. It’s even more low-key than most other tze char joints, and just so you have no illusions, we’re talking the bare necessities with just a scattering of round tables and plastic chairs. Their regulars, an eclectic mix of in-the-know foodies and families who live in the surrounding HDB estates, know exactly what they’re getting and pack the place even after nine on a weeknight. 

Their specialties—butter pork ribs ($8) and golden mushroom tofu ($8), as well as classics like beansprouts with salted fish ($8) and gong bao chicken ($8). As much as we wanted to fall in love with the boneless pork coated in a snow of pale yellow powder, it proved too sweet for our liking, although we could definitely appreciate the time and effort that went into preparing it. The beancurd was a triumph—tender tofu, heavily sauced with a thick brown gravy that wasn’t overly starchy, enoki mushrooms and minced bits of pork. The wok-fried beansprouts with lots of garlic were delicious too, and reminded us of grandma’s rendition. The gong bao chicken was undeniably tasty and just spicy enough, however our accompanying rice bowl ($0.50) left a lot to be desired—less mushy grains please.

All in all though we can certainly see why this 10-year-old eating place has developed a strong and loyal following.

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