Uni Gallery

For a dedicated sea urchin experience, Uni Gallery by OosterBay is set to deliver. Nestled within The Plaza, the cozy restaurant is the brick-and-mortar expansion by online premium seafood grocer OosterBay. Their specialty: an extensive range of uni and premium sashimi, sourced and air-flown from Japan, USA and Canada.

Uni-centric dishes take center stage—ranging from a creamy shot of the house Canadian Aka Uni ($28), to the signature Uni Bomb ($99), and even a luxe, highly sought after Higashizawa Shiro Uni ($180). If death by uni isn’t your cup of tea, try the lighter pairings, like the Uni Oyster Shot ($25), or the silky smooth Uni Onsen Tamago ($25).

The restaurant also serves up a seasonal menu of fresh sashimi that includes monkfish liver, golden eye snapper and flounder. The Uni Tokusen Sashimi platter (from $38) gives the best of many worlds—seven different types of sashimi, including one uni sashimi. Wash it all down with their curated selection of fine sakes.