Vatos Urban Tacos

Ko-Tex-Mex tacos chain Vatos has launched its first branch outside of South Korea at South Beach Quarter, with classic Mexican bites with Southern Californian and (obviously) Korean twists. The place here has a cozy industrial feel to it with a dim light setting, exposed red brick walls, cushy swivel chairs and tables made out of refurbished metallic pipes.
Highlights of the signature Urban Tacos range include the galbi short rib ($12), chili lime shrimp ($12) and the braised carnitas ($10), which is slow-braised pork shoulder served with cilantro, chopped onions and hot sauce. Best sellers from their quesadilla range include the kimchi pork ($18) featuring sautéed spicy kimchi, pork belly and cilantros; the carne asada ($18) featuring carne asada steak topped with sour cream or the mango prawn ($22) that sees chipotle prawn and avocado slices topped over with a fresh mango salsa. For tipple, they’re doing the typical mainstays like classic margaritas ($18-$26) and they’ve got pretty extensive craft beer selection on draft ($15). For something different, try their signature makgeolitas—mixes of tequila, Korean rice wine, beers and ciders. Offerings from this range include the Sexy Sanchez ($28)—a concoction of strawberry margarita and cider or the I’m Rick James, Peach! ($28) featuring peach margarita and Barcardi rum. 
We’ve been told that while diners can expect most of the items from their South Korean branches to be available here, they might not have the full range of burgers yet—so call ahead if that’s what you want.   
For more informaton or to book a reservation, head here