Venezia Gelateria

These guys started out in the gelato business, and have expanded their repertoire with the opening of their latest outlet at the Singapore Art Museum. But for dessert junkies, yes, gelato is still on the menu. When we walked into the restaurant, we were immediately struck by the simple but very tasteful decor: Sleek tables and chairs in simple black, expansive floor space, beautiful paintings on the walls, and good lighting, all of which made the place stand out. Unfortunately, the good impression stopped there. We were quickly shown to our lovely, intimate outdoor table and got down to ordering. Our starter was a salmon carpaccio that was served with crisp greens and drizzled with a sweet dressing. We would have preferred fresher salmon, and our limp watery serving tasted like it had been defrosted. Our mains arrived quickly: A pan seared ribeye and seabass. The ribeye came on a bed of mashed potato, and was topped with onions and capsicum. While the ribeye was palatable, we had hoped for better. As for the seabass, soggy skin unfortunately wasn’t what we had in mind: Not when the menu described it as “crisp skin.” The mango sauce and salsa helped sweeten the otherwise too fishy fish. Disappointed, we thought we’d assuage our experience with desserts. Our orders of single-scooped mint chocolate and rum and raisin gelato, while being full flavored, tasted more like ice cream than gelato. The upside to the meal was a glass of Eaglehawk chardonnay for $8—that’s a very competitive price for a glass of house wine. The wine list showed an extensive selection of wines from Australia, France, California, Italy and Chile. We were also intrigued by the extensive list of imported beer, such as Belle-Vue Framboise and Belle-Vue Kriek. While the dining experience didn’t meet our expectations, we recommend this place as a good venue for drinks. Cheers.