Victoria Peak Chinese Cuisine

We’re gonna start off by letting you know that this particular dish review is based on the fact that a) we were here during lunch time, hence b) we went for the value-for-money set meal, and c) we love Chinese food to begin with. Now that we’ve stated our disclaimer, we’d also like to add that the service here was fast and friendly, the atmosphere was buzzing but never too busy and the food was pretty damn good! While going through the menu and deciding which soup to order, we were quickly recommended the seafood set meal, which comes with, get this: One pot of soup, one roast meat combo, one seafood of the day, two choices of main course, and two choices of dim sum! We were obviously ecstatic. Whereas most set meals at other establishments can be second-rate, the quality of the food here was superb, and lived up to the namesake of its parent company in Hong Kong. Kudos to our server—who did not try to make the most money out of us, but instead ensured that we got the maximum bang for our buck. Our dim sum of fried beancurd stuffed with prawns was one of the best we’ve had, while the steamed mushroom and spinach har kow was also pretty decent and appetizing. But it was our mains and soup that rocked. The fish soup boiled with chicken and pork ribs brought out the essence of what makes Chinese soup so quintessentially Chinese to begin with and the whole affair was topped with gingko nuts which was a nice touch; while our fried fish head with mushroom, black beans and capsicum was just as fragrant—and yummy. Our main of braised beancurd with minced chicken and salted fish was also filled with a surprisingly delicate fusion of flavors, although our poached seasonal vegetables with superior stock was a tad ordinary. Ditto our dessert of chilled mango with sago, which was nothing to write home about. Still, considering the price that we paid, this is a great option. So if you’re working around the Orchard area, we suggest that you head to Victoria Peak now!