Vintage India

Another Dempsey Hill restaurant that is doing well is Vintage India. The first thing that stands out when you walk in here is the outstanding service. Once we were seated, the waitress put a garland of flowers in our hair—this was followed by lots of attention from our humorous and handsome Indian waiter. But he recommended the Kadhai Subzi—a vegetable curry with mushrooms and bean sprouts that was nothing that you couldn’t get at your neighborhood kopitiam. However when eaten with the Saffron Pulau, and Kashmiri Naan—flat bread stuffed with dry fruits and nuts, cooked in tandoor—all is forgiven as the mediocre Kadhai makes a good condiment to the fragrant carbs. The real surprise was the Kala Jamun with Ice cream—cottage cheese dumplings dipped in a honey sauce served with ice cream. It looked and tasted nothing like cottage cheese, more like a really sweet and exotic pudding. And together with a masala tea it wrapped up our meal nicely. Some of the dishes were overpriced but it was well worth it for the service.