Wah Lok Cantonese Restaurant

Every city has a big Chinese restaurant that has been around forever—you know, the type with sprawling dining areas that are always crowded, where food is churned out in endless streams and you always know what you’re getting. Wah Lok is one of them. Having been established for decades, it has a loyal following who come here for specialties dim sum and Peking duck as well as for the large assortment of dishes on the menu. 

With high ceilings, a cavernous interior and lots and lots of tables, this restaurant is suitably bright and noisy—and the food is delicious. We dove into the dim sum, ordering the highly recommended baked BBQ pork bun as well as a bunch of prawn and pork steamed items, and a couple of fried things including the rich carrot cake with XO sauce.

Small eats go a long way, and this restaurant is a good for big groups so you can order lots. We have never been disappointed here and we probably never will be.

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