The Wall

Step into this beautiful two-story conservation shophouse along Tanjong Pagar Road and it becomes obvious why the place is called The Wall. The lovingly-preserved brick walls on each side of the unit date back to the building’s original construction in the early 1900s and gives the whisky and sukiyaki bar its amazing character. But more importantly, the walls are evocatively naked so as to accentuate the magnificent collection of whiskies that adorn them. While The Wall’s rare and exclusive whisky collection will surely please connoisseurs, their friendly prices starting from $14 per dram and educational whisky flights starting at $37 will be a delight to whisky novices. On the food front, The Wall serves up a well-curated menu of sumiyaki, with addictive bar snacks like salted bean nachos with minced beef, skewers of grilled chicken parts, yummy seasonal bites like Japanese capsicum and minced chicken.