Waraku de Gohan

Since its launch in 2000, Waruku has been the premier joint for authentic Japanese cuisine at competitive prices; and since then it has given us other notable and interesting concepts like Pasta de Waraku and Mr. Curry. The space here has been given the once‑over and the result is more spacious and cozier. It is also the only Waraku outlet that specializes in teppanyaki dishes and where there is a heated grill at your table. For those familiar with the Waraku name, you know that its restaurants never have a quiet day, and walk‑ins for dinner are usually next to impossible; so it’s definitely good to call ahead. The menu here offers more than 150 authentic teppanyaki, yakitori, sushi, noodle and okonomiyaki dishes. The seiro mushi (steamed dish) is the restaurant’s specialty, and a definite must‑try. We had the steamed beef belly set, which came with a bowl of rice and miso soup. A mini steamer arrived filled with vegetables and succulent strips of beef belly. Special sauces, in this case the ponzu and sesame sauces, were served alongside the meat. Once we had cooked the beef to our liking, we found ourselves with meat that was melt‑in‑your‑mouth tender and full of flavor. We strongly recommend you to try this dish. Another dish that tickled out taste buds was the Kyoto‑style temari sushi—cute little balls of sushi that we could just pop into our mouths. Finally, we had the utterly delicious deep‑fried tofu with grilled eggplant, after which we were so full that we decided to skip dessert. What we really like about this place, aside from the food, is its service—its prompt and the staff are so knowledgeable. We will definitely be back to try more of the seiro mushi and teppanyaki dishes.