Wasabi Tei

We’ve heard a lot of mixed reviews about this place—that the scrumptious food is reasonably priced and that the chef and waitress duo have notoriously fiery tempers. So in true foodie spirit, we decided to check things out.

This small Japanese food joint (it seats only about 16) with its understated shop front contrasted with other newer, glitzier Japanese restaurants in Singapore.

For starters, we had the chawanmushi, which was light and delightful—it was made a la minute and was chockfull of mushrooms, shrimps and crabsticks. Next up was the sashimi platter —a hot favorite. The generous portions of thickly sliced salmon, salmon belly, tuna, swordfish, shrimps and scallops were so fresh, we could almost smell the sea breeze when we bit into them. The tempura set and beef set came with the customary miso soup and watermelon slices, and were delicious.

We give this place our stamp of approval. It’s a perfect if you’re tired of the usual mass-produced, quasi-traditional Japanese fare. We will be back for sure.