Wave House Restaurant

Seeing that all the action was happening outside (this is a surfing joint, after all), we decided to tank up on some chow before riding the “waves” at the Wave House Restaurant in Sentosa. The menu had a Western-Asian fusion touch, “New California Asian” they call it. Being on the beach the wait staff were casually dressed, attentive and friendly. We started with pan-grilled sea scallops with asparagus spears and procsiutto ham. The scallops came topped with Thai mango relish and citrus dressing which brought out the flavor of the tasty mollusks while the ham was dressed in a chilled watermelon salsa with touches of balsamic tar. Refreshing. For our main course, we tried the coconut scented seafood stew, the rib eye steak and the pan-fried barramundi. While we enjoyed the perfectly done steak served with Japanese mushrooms and topped with assorted greens, the highlight of our meal however was the fish. Expertly cooked till fork-tender with a crispy outer skin, the barramundi was served on a bed of fluffy mash. Not bad really, considering that most people come here to ogle at the crowd rather than to seriously dine.