Whatever the Bookstore & Café

New age and holistic living gurus Whatever have managed to combine a bookstore, cafe and a whole array of other holistic goodies (such as yoga gear and organic teas) into these two adjoining shophouses, directly across the road from their yoga studio. Relaxing new age music plays over the speaker system and diners are separated from the bookstore by a mezzanine level. For a change in restaurant diet from the usual fare, Whatever is not a bad option. The menu in the café is still all vegetarian and mostly organic offerings of pastas, sandwiches, soups, salads and desserts. There’s also an interesting range of unusual fruit and vegetable juice combos worth trying. During the mid-week at lunch period the cafe tends to be quite crowded but on the night we went for dinner, the place was quiet. All the better for prompt service and attentive staff. Our roasted vegetable lasagna might have looked a little flat but was tasty and delicious and came with a bowl of lentil soup which was rustic and homely comfort food. We also enjoyed our roasted antipasto salad that was chock full of greens, roasted garlic, red capsicum, egg plant and zucchini. Delicious. When looking for the inner hippy in a sanctum designed to feel like a little retreat from corporate life, Whatever is the right choice.