What’s Pide

The hype: What is pide, exactly? Essentially a pocket of hand-kneaded, freshly baked Mediterranean flatbread that’s loaded with various ingredients; this Turkish-based, Korean-spin-off phenomenon has garnered a fanbase of its own. 

The vibe: Set to resemble a typical fast food outlet, What’s Pide is uncomplicated and receives major points for its simple yet chic interior, with two accessible components to the store: the order counter that greets customers upon entrance, and the dining area. 

The food: Right off the bat, the baked skin of the pides gives off a light sheen when unwrapped, signifying a slightly crisp crust. However, the wraps retain their sponginess beneath the crust for the sauce to be soaked up. Hey! Lu Lu ($6.50) is a boneless chicken thigh that’s seasoned with a creamy sauce, incorporating the distinctive tang of the Sarawak black pepper and topped with pineapple slices for a refreshing twist. Meanwhile, Mrs Park ($9) is the perfect candidate to bring the Korean interpretation to the traditional Middle Eastern delicacy; it stars a heavenly balance of marinated bulgogi beef and caramelised onions. Another highlight here is Prawn Star ($8.50), which pockets full, deep fried soft-shelled prawns for a crunchy bite while retaining all that umami flavour within.

The drinks: Caffeine lovers are highly encouraged to try a cup of the house brew, fondly known as Pide’s Brew ($5.90). Brewed fresh with Vietnamese coffee, Pide’s Brew is a nitro cold brew prepared with a splash of coconut water. And don’t be afraid to ask for more, if you prefer your cup of Joe on the sweeter side. A unique craft fizzy drink is also a good choice at What’s Pide; Aka Cola ($3.20) is a Malaysian nutmeg-based bubbly cola.

Why you’ll be back: What’s Pide isn’t your usual run-of-the-mill junk food lunch option. Instead, it presents tasty mouthfuls which won’t put you into a food coma, besides being perfect for a day on-the-go.