Whisk Cafe Lounge

Newly opened in Wisma Atria, Whisk is the first thing you see when you enter the mall from the taxi stand, making it extremely accessible. Decorated like the interior of someone’s country house, with wooden flooring, a whitewashed feel and earth tones, along with magazine racks, a bar counter, plus cute fixtures like real cupboards and soft sofas; Whisk has a welcoming, laidback vibe—making it a great place to rest after a stressful round of people-dodging in crowded Orchard. The menu here is simple—comprising soups, salads, mains, pastas, drinks and desserts. We started our meal with a chicken and corn soup—a bowl of goodness sprinkled with chicken and corn that was just thick enough without being overly creamy. The friendly wait staff had recommended Rosie’s roast chicken, and we loved it. The chicken was juicy, succulent and yummy, and enough for two. Timmy’s fish and chips did not perform too badly either, with crispy battered pieces of fresh fish accompanied by fries. However, it was somewhat generic, and the chicken stood out more. For dessert, we got the banoffee in a cup—and loved it to bits. We’ve eaten other permutations of this dish before, but because this version was served in a cup, it allowed us to dig our spoon deeply into the cup’s bottom, getting awesome mouthfuls of banana, toffee and crushed digestive biscuits with every scoop. We left planning our next visit to this unpretentious café with great, affordable chow.