Xing Fu Tang

Bubble tea beverages have become a staple in the Singaporean diet. Joining other famed Taiwanese bubble tea brands such as Tiger Sugar and The Alley is Xing Fu Tang, offering an array of delectable drinks, including their famed Brown Sugar Boba Milk, which features potent yet soft tapoica peals, stir-fried in raw brown sugar.  

Xing Fu Tang greets Century Square visitors upon entry and lets the wok do all the talking. Stationed by the counter is a glass-encased wok used to stir-fry the boba balls and caramelise raw brown sugar. The stall takes up a humble space that would probably look unassuming to the uninitiated; but make no mistake, the brand is among the top in Taiwan.

, Xing Fu Tang

Without dispute, the signature Brown Sugar Boba Milk ($5.30) takes centre stage here. Each artisanally crafted cup sports a set of brown sugar stripes that matches Tiger Sugar’s iconic coat, but true bubble tea fans would recognise that that’s where the similarities end. Unique to the chain is its stir fried boba balls, tossed in the giant wok of caramelised brown sugar behind the glass-panelled counter. Thanks to the stir-fry technique used, there is an even distribution of heat across each sticky sphere, ensuring a remarkably chewy texture. 

, Xing Fu Tang

Another Insta-favourite is the Mango Smoothie and Rabbit Panna Cotta (both $6.90), characterised by the jiggly bunny figure that rests atop. Pink cactus pearls line the bottom of the cup for added texture, along with tiny bits of mango flesh that adds freshness to the drink. Other fruit-flavoured drinks include the Strawberry Boba Milk and Grapefruit Green Tea (both $5.90), that are both equally refreshing.

On top of a well-rounded beverage menu, there are also two soft serve desserts—Fresh Milk with Brown Sugar Boba ($4.50) and Chocolate & Strawberry Dream Mix ($4.50) for a fresh spin on the fad.

, Xing Fu Tang

The authenticity of Xing Fu Tang is undeniable, complete with aromatic pearls made on-site. In bubble tea-saturated Tampines, this might be the one that keeps a queue of new and repeat customers hungry for its chewy and delicate boba.