Yonpachi Gyojo

Owned by a successful restaurant operator, AP Company, Yonpachi Gyojo has already established itself as a respected brand, with a successful chain of stores at Kanto Area in Japan.The name Yonpachi Gyojo means 48th fishery, a somber reference to the chilling scientific study that predicts 2048 to be the year of irrevocable marine life collapse. Needless to say Yonpachi believes in sourcing sustainable seafood, and does not compromise on quality. To do this, the kitchen cuts out the middleman and goes straight to the source, working directly with the fishery association in the Miyazaki Prefecture.


01/03/2017 ~ 31/05/2017 

Happy Hour 1For1 is available everyday from 6pm to 7pm, the price starting from $11.00 (Includes Beer, High Ball, Shochu and Sake.)

01/03/2017 ~ 31/05 /2017 

Party Package Plan with 90 mins alcohol Free Flow from 6pm to 10pm. ( $85++ to $110++ / pax) including 8 – 10 dishes, minimum four pax and required booking.