Zorba The Greek Taverna

The hype: A truly hellenic dining experience awaits here, thanks to good use of traditional ingredients sourced directly from Greek suppliers. At Zorba, indulge in fresh and delectable Greek staples, along the Singapore River waterfront of Clarke Quay.

The vibe: It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that Zorba’s interiors are largely inspired by coastal Greece. Situated outdoors and drenched in white and blue hues, you’ll thank the restaurant for making you feel like you’re not in Singapore.

The food: Meat and seafood lovers alike will be thoroughly satisfied here.

, Zorba The Greek Taverna

Go for the Greek Moussaka ($22) that’s a much lighter version of the classic eggplant casserole, which actually makes it more appealing and easier to stomach. Topped with a flavourful but light bechamel sauce before being baked till golden brown, you’ll be treated to a crisp cheese crust, plus layers of eggplant, potato and minced beef.

Then there’s Zorba’s take on the oldest Greek speciality, Lamb Kleftiko ($36), which is a definite must-try. Having been marinated and slow-roasted for hours, you’ll find the generous and tender lamb chunks readily falling off the bones.

Large groups might also want to order the enormous Greek’s Mixed Grill Platter ($88), which comprises pork gyros, chicken and beef souvlaki, lamb chops, and more.

But it’s a must to order the Garides Saganaki ($28) too, which showcases fresh jumbo prawns sauteed in olive oil and deglazed with ouzo and spicy tomato sauce, among other things, before being sprinkled with feta crumbs.

The drinks: To complement the Mediterranean experience, Zorba serves Katogi Averoff wines from Metsovo by the bottle. Or, get a taste of their Greece-inspired cocktails like the Santorini ($18), that features use of Greek yoghurt for a healthful kick.

Why you’ll be back: Zorba treats us to some of the freshest catch while keeping it simple, and for that, we’ll gladly return.