Participate in Swipe Night, or chat with fellow quiz-takers through Hot Takes

Tinder—which revolutionised modern dating when it was released some nine years ago—is changing the game again.

Unveiling a slew of new experiences from mid-October onwards, the world’s most popular dating app will offer new, interactive ways for singles to meet.

So look forward to new virtual social events taking place via the app, as well as cool online features which boast unique methods to connect.

Just check out the all-new Explore function, that entails a dynamic space for new social experiences like Swipe Night and Hot Takes. While the former is an online whodunnit programme pairing participants together, the latter provides users with the opportunity to chat with someone before they match in a low-stakes quiz on popular culture and opinions.


Explore will also help users discover potential matches by photo verification, hobbies and more. For instance, singles can head to the Explore page to find friends and potential partners through interest-driven settings like Foodies, Gamers and Entrepreneurs.

The Explore section will even roll out a dedicated space for Photo Verified Profiles, that users can complete through a series of real-time posed selfies, which are then compared to existing profile photos using human-assisted AI technology.

And that’s not all. As more users hop on Tinder to utilise the Explore option, the list of experiences will continue to grow.

Looks like dating during a pandemic won’t be so difficult after all.

More information available here.