It’s the lack of thought that counts

So it’s the last weekend before Christmas and you’re stuck without a gift—but you aren’t in the mood to jostle with other procrastinators out in the real world. A quick mental sweep through your belongings and you rule out re-gifting. What then? Sometimes the best presents require the least effort; and in this case, you’re in luck. Here are four gift ideas that take no time at all, guaranteed to bring a smile to the receiver’s face (after their initial disgust at your laziness). Cheers!

Google drive storage

It must be human nature to always scrimp on the most important things and splash out on frivolities (hey, $30 candle!) Regardless of field, Google Drive storage is so essential in life, and yet so often overlooked. The free 15GB has to end someday. This Christmas, give the gift of thoughtless drive abuse—an annual plan that gets you an extra 100GB of space costs $27.99 (or $2.79 a month). Google seems to be in the process of rolling out an update that enables users to pay for Google Drive storage subscriptions with Google Pay and Google Play Gift Cards; but it might be a risky move to bank on, especially if you aren't an Android user. If you’re getting this for a close friend, just have them log in to their account, after which you can key in your credit card details and make the purchase. It’s not the most considerate way to give a present, but you can bet they will be thankful anyway.

Klook Christmas gift card

Instead of a material gift, how about gifting a novel travel experience to a friend on their next holiday? Singapore-based travel planner Klook now offers handy gift cards at $50 value, each loaded with $50 worth of credits that you can use for any Klook activity in a single booking. The list of activities is long, and ranges from fast-passes at Disneyland Hong Kong, to admission into Chiang Mai Mountain Sanctuary where you can learn about sustainable elephant tourism. You can order them online and pick them at Klook’s Singapore office, or have it delivered right to your doorstep. The cards are valid through Dec 31, 2019, so buy away.

Netflix subscription

After the initial resistance to the streaming giant’s foray into Singapore, we can safely say we’re hooked. Lonely nights in just wouldn’t be the same without Netflix. The three-tiered plans come in Basic ($10.98/month), Standard ($13.98/month) and Premium ($16.98/month), with varying benefits like the number of screens you can watch on. Sadly, Netflix Singapore doesn’t retail gift cards just yet, but you can use a gift card purchased in another country—just note that the value deducted will be in the foreign currency. If there’s no time to make a speedy trip to Johor to pick up a card, try your luck at everyone’s favourite marketplace Carousell. Just in time, so your now-blessed friend can catch up on festive shows and other new releases.

Spotify Premium

It's a shocking revelation that so many people in the world still live day-to-day without Spotify Premium. How they can tolerate the constant, obtrusive ads on their commute to work boggles the mind. For that friend who’s scrimping on ad-free music, pick up a Spotify gift card online, available in 1-month ($9.90), 3-month ($29.70), 6-month ($59.40) and 12-month ($118.80) values. Each gift card comes with a PIN on the back, and the full value goes towards subscription payments starting on your next payment date. You can even choose a colour scheme for the card, which will be emailed to your recipient. Take note that all Spotify gift cards can only be redeemed on same-country accounts, so no long-distance gifting here.