Try Jenga with an alcoholic twist, risque card games and more

Sometimes, it's just better to take the party home with your friends and get things going with a drinking game or two. The following five games don't just offer an alcoholic twist, but will definitely humour you and your crew too. Just remember to drink responsibly.

Do Or Drink

Either win or blackout when you play Do Or Drink, all at your own risk. With various categorical cards such as Vote, Double, Swap and Drink If, just draw playing cards from the main deck and follow the instructions by carrying out the task at hand. And although the name of the game is do or drink, you may very well be required to do both. Play if you dare.

Drunken Tower

Take the popular party game Jenga up a notch with an alcoholic twist thanks to Drunken Tower. To play, attempt to build a 20-storey tower while following the instructions labelled on the various wooden blocks and do your best not to knock everything over when tipsy. The set even comes pre-packed with four shot glasses and 60 stacking wooden blocks, so you only need to bring the booze.

Roulette Drinking Game

Suitable for two to eight participants, this roulette drinking game set is pretty versatile as a wide range of variations can be played. And since there are no hard and fast rules for shot roulette, try a spin-and-drink style or place your bets on the numbers before spinning to see who drinks. The options are endless.

Spin The Shot

The easiest to play out of the bunch by far, don’t underestimate the game’s ability to get you wasted once everyone catches on. And although Spin The Shot only serves one player at a time, the game is a fast-paced one, and that means getting tipsy, fast. It comes in two variations, including either an arrow spinner or a finger spinner.

Quick And Dirty

Not for the faint of heart, this offensively fun party card game will ensure none go home sober. Quick rules include placing the black and white piles faced down before flipping the black card over to read the question aloud then checking out a white card. The first to yell the answer beginning with the alphabet written on the white playing card wins. The rest, read, and you'll know what to do.