We're still not sure if this counts as an upgrade

Known for being the go-to district for cheap apparel and all things dodgy, Bugis Street has recently seen multiple pop-ups within the last couple of months. If you’re able to get past the massive crowds and tolerate the clamour on the first level, head all the way up to the top floor, which now presents a new arcade as well as another lane of beauty parlours—all rammed into the already confined space.

The peculiar arcade, curiously named Power 88, has a surprisingly large variety of games, though all are shoved beside one another. Typical arcade games like air hockey are available, but there are also what appears to be Chinese rip-offs of games such as Dance Dance Revolution and Daytona USA, called Dance Master and Split Second respectively. Those illiterate in Mandarin might need a little assistance with the controls.

Oddly enough, the one that seems rather legit is the Star Wars Battle Pod, which packs some appeal thanks to the titular film franchise. And like most arcades, Power 88 even has a counter for token purchases and prize redemptions.

Beyond the arcade, you’ll now also notice a new lane of nail and beauty parlours on the same floor, which sees smaller outlets than those that lie along the infamous, OG nail parlour lane just next to it. These beauty salons offer eyebrow embroidery, eyelash extensions, mani-pedis, and more. There’s even a dimly-lit foot reflexology shop, opened by one of the nail salons on the same floor.

We’re not sure what sparked the sudden boom of salons and the arcade, or how long they’ll stick around. If you’re so inclined, head down to make a day out of it and hey—you just might find other new pop-ups that might be even shadier.